Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cathy Likes it Haute!

Well, after much deliberation (this account has been sitting here for the past two months) and after wracking my brains to come up with a name for this blog (Cat'sWalk? No?), I have finally ventured into the mysterious and magical world of blogging. When I'm not eating or sleeping or at college, a large majority of my days goes toward reading about, consuming and  admiring  fashion. However, I also have my own very particular tastes and opinions which is why this blog is going to be quite personal. There may only be 0.0001% of blog readers who will be remotely interested in my take on fashion and the like, but as the old cliche goes - I can only write what I know and love.

Vaguely curious? Maybe even excited? Eager to read upcoming posts? (Aaaand so the ego has landed.....)  If you actually are, well then it's nice to know that the 0.0001% exists! 

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